I’ve made mistakes in my life,

I’ve let people take advantage of me,

& I accepted way less that I deserve.

But, I’ve learned from my bad choices &

even though there are some things I can never get back,

today was a good day.

not for angeline thou.

she was sleeping during KH.

she was say, tired? very tired i should say.

they were in Kedah playing w/ cacings. haha.

and water and fun stuff. sadly, i cant go,

wasnt a tourism club member.

but leeleng and i are going SEGi University College again. ;P *winkwink

it’ll be freaking fun.

can skip KH.

and go hotels. ahhhh.

today passed by so fast, except before recess and ENG.

recess was fun. Muahaha.

was duti-ing in the Cafe, saw many many people.

and i hate CASH REGISTERS. no offense.

its so annoying.

anyway, i think i lost my KAYU.

im dead.

i have to go search for it somemore.


and Jason, my friends say i dont look like a rabbit.


im not going out during holidays.

and and, i love my life right now,

not being sarcastic. seriously.

i like the feeling of being hated and despised by the friends.

its like soo fun.

dun ask why. HAH.

anywaysm i just realize that i said too many OMGs today.

even Angeline notice.

everything also OMG.

i will not say OMG today and tomorrow anymore.


ohwell, whatever.

hungmei, its not us. HAH.

well, i’ll update later then.


people who will never be sorry.

I’ll know better next time &

I won’t settle for anything less than I deserve.

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~ by Liwen on August 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “I’ve made mistakes in my life,”

  1. oh like that la.. go segi didn’t tell me.. tsktsk…

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